Total IP protection


  • 1. No need to change filters
  • 2. Low acquisition cost
  • 3. Small size
  • 4. Easy use and creation of messages
  • 5. Does not require maintenance or technicians
  • 6. There are no wearing parts
  • 7. High resolution marking
  • 8. Friendly inks without mek
  • 9. Printing on multiple substrates.
  • 10. High operational profitability

Industrial Hardware


The use of American TI’s AM3358 industrial grade CPU and Xilinx Spant6 industrial grade FPGA results in a more stable, reliable and interference-proof system in various conditions, making printing a unique experience.

The print engine uses a dedicated TIJ ASIC chip, a perfect match for a variety of Original and licensed HP inks.

The patented professional cartridge pre-heating algorithm ensures optimum print quality in extreme environments and high and low temperatures.

More powerful software


The intelligent integrated Linux operating system provides a professional and more user-friendly interface.

It incorporates a powerful integrated droplet consumption algorithm that allows instantaneous calculation of the cost per print.

Powerful variable 2D code functions to meet today’s growing customer demand, under GS1

Efficient and flexible variable database functions to meet the requirements of various applications for product traceability, incorporates connection to ERP



Protection class IP65, watertight, dustproof and low pressure water jet.

The head and the control unit are completely protected, prepared for the most hostile environments.

The inclined design of the operating panel makes it easy to see and operate, and prevents the accumulation of drops.

The print head adopts a flip-top protective cover structure, which facilitates the operation of replacing the ink cartridge

Rugged, high-strength, rustproof and corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing.

Several configurations are possible: one head, two independent heads or two heads together.

Prepared for the most aggressive and diverse scenarios.

Distance: From 2mm to 5mm
Speed: 120m/min at 300DPI
Resolution: 150DPI / 300DPI / 600DPI
Head: Thermal head TIJ2.5
Imp. height: Minimum 1mm / Maximum 25.4mm
Ink type: Water-based, Solvent-based, Uv in 42ml cartridges
Ink colour: Black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, invisible UV
Cartridge chip: RFID tag for automotive identification of ink type and consumption
Substrates Cardboard, plastic, metal, wood, ceramics, food industry, chemical and pharmaceutical industry, glass, etc.
Print: Multi-language texts, bar codes, 2D codes, images, numbers, counters, dates, variable fields.

Structure: Industrial stainless steel
Operating system: Integrated operating system
Com ports: USB / RJ-45 to RS232
Atmosphere: Max 45ºC / Humidity up to 85% RH
Hardware: American TI Am3358 Industrial Grade CPU / FPGAUSA Xilinx Spant6 Industrial Grade / TIJ dedicated ASIC chip
Languages: Spanish, Italian, French, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Portuguese, Japanese
Interfaces: Photocell, Encoder, External control, inverse-reverse Alarm output, External data selection, BCD, ERP.
Power supply: Input 100 – 240 V AC 50-60 HZ / Output 24 V DC 6.5 Amp.
Dimensions: Controller 384.5mm*317mm*183mm / Head assembly 173*107*94mm