Inkjet ink cartridges for industrial printers

At Trazapack we offer all types of TIJ 2.5 industrial printer inks and CIJ compatible inks. To offer the highest printing quality.

Contact us without obligation to discover our competitive prices on inkjet ink cartridges for industrial printers.

High quality TIJ and CIJ inks

Trazapack offers inks for TIJ printers. Depending on your application and project needs, we will advise you and help you choose the type of TIJ ink cartridge you need.

We also offer inkjet inks for CIJ printers from the best manufacturers in the market to ensure the highest quality printing. Contact us without obligation for more information.

What types of ink are there?

Nowadays, we can find a wide variety of printer ink cartridges. Below, we will show you the different types, what they consist of and what applications each of them have:

Water-based inks

Water-based inks have pigment added to them to achieve the desired colour. Depending on the price we are willing to pay, we will have the option of using dye or pigment. This type of ink can be found in paper or cardboard materials such as packaging, POS materials and other porous digital printing materials.


– Vivid colours

– Inexpensive option

– Low durability


– Expensive option

– Higher colour fastness

– Environmentally friendly and odourless

– A special coating must be used to achieve maximum print quality.

Solvent inks

Solvent inks work by using a volatile solvent to carry the pigments.

The most frequent applications of solvent inks are for printing on plastic products, metals, glass, due to their high resistance in hostile environments.

Eco-solvent inks

This is the same printing technology, but with 2 main advantages over solvent inks: ECO inks have almost no odour and are less toxic.

UV inks

UV inks use ultraviolet light for the printing process. It offers high outdoor resistance and does not require a large amount of ink to be used. A good choice for materials where high anchorage and durability is required.