Industrial labellers

Automatic labelers for flat surfaces

superior cinta inox l230201

L230201 Top labeling system with stainless steel finished tape

l230208 dos caras inox

L230208 Multi-product dual side labeling system

superior feeder inox l230202

L230202 Top labeling system for pouches, blisters, etc.

l232 superior sobremesa

L232 Freestanding top labeling station with conveyor belt

cabezal de etiquetado plano

CET150 Automatic flat labeling head multiproducts

l233 feeder sobremesa

L233 Stand-alone station with feeder and top labeling multiproduct…

Bottle labelers

enfajador lateral inox

L230203 Lateral labeling system for cylindrical products

enfajador sobremesa

L231 Automatic side labeling system multiproduct

tres rodillos lateral inox

L230204 Automatic side labeling system for cylindrical products

etiquetado semiautomatico botellas

L235 Semi-automatic labeling system for bottles

superior viales inox

L230207 Labeling auto system for small products

etiquetadora mesa giratoria

L236 Rotary table labeling system automatic

What is an industrial labelling machine?

An industrial labelling machine is a machine that, as its name suggests, labels any type of product or object. The most common labels to mark are barcodes, brand labels, QR codes… It is a solution to the traceability and identification of products in any type of industry.

Types of labelling machines and their price

There are different types of labelling machines, depending on the surface to be marked, the degree of automation… Below is a list of them:

  • Labelling machines according to surface
  • Manual / semi / automatic labellers
  • Fixed or portable labelling machines
  • etc.

Depending on the needs of the production process, we will find labellers with low prices or if a higher degree of automation and specific requirements are required, the price will increase. Contact us without obligation and our technical team will advise you.

Advantages of labelling machines for containers

  • Increases the marking rate, achieving a more efficient production.
  • Possibility of adding the labelling machine to production lines or for portable use.
  • High quality at a competitive price.
  • Can be used in any industry as it can label different traceability codes.

Applications of the labelling machines for bottles and round containers.

Labels can be applied to bottles or containers such as water bottles, milk bottles, yoghurt, ice cream and any plastic, glass or metal container. This is made possible by being able to mark the label on any kind of surface.

Thanks to the advantages described above, we can find this kind of machines in industries such as automotive, cosmetics, textile, food, pharmaceutical, electronics and other sectors.

Why buy Trazapack industrial labelling machines?

At Trazapack we offer high quality labelling machines at very competitive prices. Contact us without obligation and we will offer you a quote that meets the needs of your project.

Bottle labelling

The machine is applicable to round bottles of various sizes. It can only be used independently and cannot be added in the production line

It is widely used in daily chemicals, food and beverages, medicine, chemical and other light industries.

Suitable for different sizes of adhesive labels or adhesive films on all types of round bottles, round tanks, round barrels for self-adhesive labelling, high precision and high speed.

Round Bottle Labeling MachineSemi-automatic round bottle labeling machine, is a semi-automatic table-type machine with motor and touch control by limit switch and small volume, which can be suitable to combine with the vertical filling and packaging machine.

Features of the bottle labelling machine

– The machine has a suitable structure, reliable performance and is easy to operate. It has photoelectric detection which guarantees the accuracy of the labelling.
– It has advanced labelling mechanism to ensure labelling accuracy.
– Adaptable, it can label bottles of various sizes.
– The optical eye of the label, whose sensitivity is adjustable, can identify the label backing paper of various transmittance, compare and adjust the sensitivity to light and optimally adjust the labels of different lengths to ensure smooth and correct labelling.
– Most of the mechanisms, including the frame, pin and clip, have a stainless steel and aluminium profile